Saturday, May 2, 2015

Please forgive me


So, unfortunately this blog has been a tad neglected.  I love this blog, I love having a place to share my pictures...but as you can see, it's been awhile.  Please forgive me.

I'll be posting again.  I'm sure of it.  When?  Not so sure.  So, until I get back to are more than welcome to check out my photography HERE, follow me on Instagram (@sandydegasser) or follow me on Facebook.  Hope you will :)

I'll be back.

One day.

I promise.


Friday, January 9, 2015


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"

HOLY SMOKES!!! I DID IT!!!  52 weeks of my girls!  I started a bit late last year so my week 52 trickled into January, overlapping this years 52, but that's ok.  

I am so excited to have these all these weekly moments of my girls documented!  Now I just need to figure out how to print them so each girl has their own 52 weeks...better get on that before I get behind on 2015.

And, I do have a "New Year" post I'm still trying to finish up for this blog...I'll get to it soon. 

For now though....week 52 of 52 :)

Lou:  With her new bathrobe and hair towel Emmy thinks she's a teenager.  She walks taller and even acts more motherly when she's got them on after her bath.  I have looked back on pictures of Em and I can't believe how much she really has grown this year though.  Hard to believe turning 6 is only 4 months away.  

Boo:  Bailey relishes the time that Emmy is at school and Sara is napping.  I love making lists with her at the counter and just listening to her talk and talk about nothing and everything all at the same time.  I love playing games with her or making cookies.  But Bailey loves her own time.  She loves to get out the toys by herself and venture into "Bailey land" and play without interruptions from sisters. I wish I would have videoed her as she played with this vanity the other day and talked to herself in the mirror. 

Sue:  "ba, ba" She loves the bath!  As much as she likes to do what her sisters do and be where her sisters are, I think she prefers bathtime to herself.  I love watching her experiement with the water...lay in it, kick in it, drink from the faucet.  This stage of exploring is so much fun to watch.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

52 Project

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Emmy Lou:

48: I love taking her picture...but it's when I'm trying to figure a new setting on my camera or try a photo without a person it, that she jumps in front my lens.  I'm not complaining though, I'll photograph her darling face any chance I get.
49:  Poor little Lou was sick and missed school.  We invited my mom and sisters over to decorate gingerbread men that night and Em didn't want to cancel.  She rested up all day so she'd have the energy to join us that night to decorate.
50:  CHRISTMAS!!!!  Emmy asked every Santa she met this year for a "Frozen" scooter with 2 wheels (she was very specific about that).  Although Santa didn't brought Disney princess instead, she was beyond the moon happy for the scooter!  
51:  New Years Eve at our house was actually pretty chill.  Brian picked up hats and horns on his way home from work, we all got in our pj's early, played some Disney Dance on the wii, and counted down to 2015 at 8pm.  Pretty sure Emmy's favorite part of the night was blowing the horn.

Bailey Boo: 

48:  Found her in her room under her bed, listening to Primary songs on the CD player with the Christmas lights on...just doing her own little thing, like she does best.
49:  When Em is at school, Bailey and I get to play games and goof off.  I just love her giggles and all the random things she says.
50:  Boo wanted a Puppy Surprise so bad this year (that and  "rainbow jeep," but I wasn't real sure where to find one of those).  I loved watching open each gift and be so excited, but to see her face when she got what she asked for, well that was priceless.
51:  Celebrating DeGasser style.  New Years at 8pm and horn blowing like crazy!

Sara Sue:

48:  "ba, ba" she'll tell me and run to the bath.  Sara LOVES to take baths and when I tell her "no" oh you should see the tears.
49:  Got to meet one of Santa's helpers at a family party.  Sara wanted her gift and got just close enough to have him hand it to her.  No tears though!
50:  I loved watching Sara open her gifts but my favorite moment was finding her on Emmy's bed, with her hat on, watching Brian shovel.  We were blessed with the surprise of a white Christmas this year and Sara wanted so bad to be out there with her dad.
51:  Party animal Sara!  She does everything her sisters do and when she caught onto how the horn works...oh boy there were all sorts of laughs, and horn blowing! 

Monday, December 8, 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"

I'm actually posting just one week!  Can you believe it!

Lou: I had a vision of our tree decorating activities this year.  In my vision there was Christmas music, girls in coordinating outfits & their hair pretty, everyone filled to the brim with Christmas cheer.  I realized quickly that my vision was not reality.  The girls fought.  Hair didn't get combed.  Outfits were far from coordinating.  Ornaments were broken.  No one wanted their picture taken.  We DID have music though.  It wasn't funny then, but I post this picture of Emmy, her purposely ignoring my request too look at me(and too keep the ornaments in the bag), and I laugh.  This picture of Emmy (and the one of Bailey) are testament to the fact that my life is not magazine worthy, but it sure is full of crazy, memorable moments I love.

Boo:  Crazy hair and dressed herself in her tumbling outfit for the tree decorating.  The positive, she listened when I asked her to get dressed.  

Sue:  Not from the tree decorating excitement but rather a sweet moment another day.  She got herself a cookie and just laid on the floor to enjoy it.  Sara and I get one on one time now and again while Em is at school and Boo is napping.  Sara is a ham!  I can't get enough of her sweet grins and darling laughs. 

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Portraits ~ Love Family

I always look forward to a challenge.  
When Lisa told me they wanted family pics with their 4 horses and 3 dogs...well, I was nervous and excited!  Honestly, I think most of my nerves were of the horses.  I know, kind of silly.  They are just so big!  And I read a story about a photographer trying to get a horse to turn her way and the photographer gave the "run" ques on accident and  the horse went into charge mode!   Aaaaaahhhh! 

Well, no horses charged me, thank goodness.  
I got close and petted them.
They were nice.  
I think my hubby needs to take me on a horse ride now.

Hey if these kids can do it, so can I.  Right? 

This is my FAVORITE!  The horse sneezed on everyone!  And look how tall and proud he is of it!

Portraits ~ Ray

Last time we took pictures their youngest was a peanut in moms tummy :)  I always love catching up with growing families and seeing how everyone has been changing.  

I kept telling them to "look warm."  The weather has been a tad crazy...cold, warm, snow, rain...
We rotated people keeping warm in their car so now one would freeze.  I think having them snuggle to keep warm is what makes these pics to fun.

Thanks Ray Family!

Portraits ~ Lutz' Family

We timed this session perfect!  We were cold, but just days after it was FREEZING!  I had fun with these two great people.  They are in my ward and just the kindest.  
Thanks you two!